Comments on Teaching Mechatronics & Mechanics

By: Surya Singh

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As my teaching experience and plans indicate, I am enthusiastic about the future of this field.  My teaching approach starts with fundamental theory and emphasizes it with experimental analysis and demonstration.  Its goal is to show that “science” is an avenue for “development.”  Tesla once lamented that “a little theory and calculation would have saved (Edison) ninety percent of his labor.”  I share this view of design and plan to impart a progressive education that en-ables students to engineer the technologies that will change the way we live and work. 

Teaching Interests:

Prior Courses Taught or Assisted:

  1. UWA MCTX 3420: Mechatronics Design (2nd semester [southern hemisphere] 2007)  
  2. Stanford  ME 220: Introduction to Sensors (TA, spring quarter 2002 & 2004)
  3. Stanford  ME 80: Stress, Strain, and Strength (TA and laboratory coordinator, fall quarter 2004 & 2005)


Observations (access limited):

In the vein of continuous improvement, notes are made during the semester about course development and reception of teaching  ideas or innovations.
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