The ACFR Agile Control Project Group

Surya P. N. Singh

Continuing Senior Lecturer (Mechatronics)
(A/Prof. with Tenure Equivilent)

Robotics Design Laboratory (RDL)(Director)
Part of the UQ Robotics Centre,
with appointments in Biomedical Engineering, MedTeQ, QBI and CSIRO QCAT

in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
at The University of Queensland

spns (at)
Phone:   (office)  +61 (7) 336-58328.
   (fax) +61 (7) 3365-4999     (mobile) +61 (4) 3106-7594

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Office: Room 531, GP-South (Building 78)
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Robotics must move beyond its stiff hackneyed stereotype.   Thus, my interest in the analysis and synthesis of  agile locomotion in field environments via advances in Integrated motion planning and control of agile robots  and robot (mechatronic system) hardware design.



Publications List  (~70 journal & refereed conference papers)

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YouTube Videos: Gyrphon (command shaping demo)  and  KOLT (trotting demo)



Mechatronics 4th Year Thesis Projects: Classes and Course Materials
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Platypus: An online, sample-based peer assessment system (Beta | concept sketch)


Wiki: Comments on teaching Mechatronics & Design


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Thesis: Self-contained Measurement of Dynamic Legged Locomotion: Design for Robot and Field Environments

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