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PS/Laboratory 3:  Robotic Systems: Through the Looking Glass


Reference Arm Design:

Based on  CHARM, a reference METR 4202 ARM design described here.

Hapalochlaena Link Templates: (Bundle [Zip] Download)

Some parametric link modules (in Autodesk Inventor Part [IPT] format) to help with Arm Design.  (CAD Geometry care of Iain Rudge).

These include:

For convenience, a collection of "pre-generated STL" files has also been  generated from the above: 

Sign Out Forms & Peer Assessment Factor:





Laboratory Hardware Specifications & Drivers:



Problem Sets:

Problem Set 1 (15%): Kinematics: First Impression!


  • Problem Set 2 (20%): Sensing & Perception
  • Problem Set/Laboratory 3 (50 %) -- Robotic Systems: Through the Looking Glass

    Quiz Review:



    Guides & Related Files: