The I-Ball

A Smart Football for People with a Visual Impairment


The Interactive-Ball (or I-Ball) features a speaker allowing for any tone or song to be played as best fits the condition.

Motion Sensing

Much like a smart phone, the I-Ball senses roll rate, acceleration and noise. This allows it to be heard in a variety of conditions.

Adaptive & Programmable

The I-Ball is not only customizable, but adapts to the user and the environment

About the Interactive Ball

Smart sporting aids have long been an area of research interest in the sports sciences and biomechanical domains, especially for the analysis and support of elite sports. Commercially, while a plethora of sporting goods and toys is available, they tend to be a rather motley collection of designs and, in general, focused on being entertaining. Instead, the focus of this research is to introduce a programmable sporting aid to make the field sports, chiefly football, more accessible to children with visual impairment by assisting with ball localization and motion estimation tasks.

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  • Additional Field Trials (Beta-testing) -- Please let us know if you would like to join our testing (beta) efforts
  • Manufacturing & Distribution -- While the BEE-Board inside is produced via automated production, the I-Ball is built manually. We are looking for partners to help make the I-Ball more widely available and accessible.
  • I-Ball 2.0 -- The I-Ball is very much still a research prototype. Ideas we have include a wireless version (that plays the tones via a smart phone), more adaptive (and smarter) tones to help Interaction in a diversity of sports, and more!
    Plus help us advance this research and make this a better!
  • myBall -- We also seek to make a version for everyone to play and interact. Would you like to help us with the myBall?

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Surya's research interests lie in compliant systems in dynamic environments, particularly robot hardware design, integrated motion planning and control and humanitarian robotics projects.


Paul has worked on flight mechanics, stability and control. Currently, his research focuses on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), VTOLS and rotorcraft among many others.


Hanna applies a strong computer science background to robotics research, in fields such as motion planning under uncertainty, machine learning and randomised algorithms.

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The team thank the assistance of many in helping us not only bring the I-Ball to life, but assess and improve it. This includes:

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