RSS 2013: Workshop

Robot Design and Control: Advanced Robot Motion

A ½ Day Workshop on Design & Motion:
June 27 (Thursday) -- Afternoon Session


Interesting robots make for interesting control and interesting systems. Fast, compliant systems are central to robots that can interact with the world naturally in the way we do.

Design and control are integral for such dynamic robotic systems. As a multi-disciplinary field of study, the methods of operation and tacit knowledge needed may seem daunting. By mixing presentations, a panel discussion, and the “idea thunderdome” (no boring rehashes of old results here!) this workshop is a forum for both experts and new comers alike. Our aim is to spark an open discussion of the issues and complicating factors affecting hardware design, motion planning, optimization, and engineering methods in this field.

Continuing on from the RSS 2011 Integrated Planning and Control Workshop, some questions of discussion include:

  • How can we use control to make "low-cost" loosely structured robots perform on par with their fancier peers?
  • Is 3D Printing a "revolution" or a "fad"? What technology (FDM/SLA/SLS) will rule the roost? Does this need new robotics algorithms/processes?
  • Is the hardware/software nexus a chimera?
  • Or, is it trivial? Is all hardware really just software?
  • Can we use integrated planning and control to now control beyond our senses?
  • What do future directions in hardware suggest for controls and vice versa?

New! Idea Thunderdome:

It’s a showcase of ideas in the raw –- unpolished, unpublished, new, old (but new again?), and “wacky” ideas along with positive or negative results are welcome! A cross between and TED, it is an opportunity to present some preliminary results and foster collaboration. The format is 1-2 PowerPoint slides and/or an extended abstract and/or even a good picture. We're even working to get some prizes here too. (Stay tuned!)


Schedule (Preliminary):

14:10-14:4030Mark Cutkosky - Stanford
14:40-15:3050“Idea Thunderdome” - Marc Killpack, Koushil Sreenath, and Surya Singh
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-17:0060Panel Discussion