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The Robotics Design Laboratory (RDL) is a robotics research group at the School of ITEE, University of Queensland (UQ), and is part of the UQ Robotics Initiative. RDL is interested in the interplay between mechanical, electronic, and algorithm design to create robust autonomous systems for dynamic environments. Our research projects span three major themes:

  • Algorithmic Robotics
  • Systems Design
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


  • 30 May '15: Platypus released at the ICRA 2015 Robotics Research + Education Workshop (co-organiized by S. Singh)
  • 13 Apr '15: Our paper “An Online and Approximate Solver for POMDPs with Continuous Action Space” (K. Seiler, H. Kurniawati, and S. Singh) is a finalist for best paper award at ICRA 2015.
  • 17 Mar '15: Our paper “In-silico Behavior Discovery System: An Application of Planning in Ethology” (H. Wang, H. Kurniawati, S. Singh, and M. Srinivasan) won ICAPS 2015 Outstanding Student Paper Award.
  • 3 Nov '14: TAPIR wins Best Open Source Software at UQ Innovation Showcase 2014
  • 16 Sep '14: CHARM presented at IROS 2014!

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The previous (RDL Classic) webpage is also available.
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