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I-Ball Research

The I-Ball (or “Interactive-Ball”) is a smart, adaptive ball for children with vision impairments.

Currently balls for children with a visual impairment have buzzers in them that emit constant, conspicuous noise. These balls really aren’t a lot of fun to use for the children because of the very little audio feedback to the player and because a funny sounding ball can really alienate children from their peers who have normal vision.

Surya, Paul, and Hanna are researching a programmable tonal ball to provide adaptive sound cues to help the player locate it. This will allow a child who has limited or impaired vision to play soccer using this ball.

This project is being conducted and fielded in collaboration with experts from Vision Australia, Sporting Wheelies and the Queensland Eye Institute. It has received gracious support from the Ian Potter Foundation and the Engineering Faculty Advancement Office.

For More Information or To Get Involved

Field Tests

Some pictures from field tests:

Recent results

Some recent results are in the following presentation:

Some initial results are in the following paper:

Media Coverage

I-Ball 2.0

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