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CHARM: Coin Handling Arm for Robotics Mastery

A Platform for Algorithmic Robotics Education & Research

Sorting all the coins – All automatically!
(See it run! ... Video on YouTube)


Imagine a spinning table with a number of coins on it… Suppose you are asked to move the coins to different bins without hitting other coins.

To solve this, CHARM finds the coins via image processing

And then uses a bit of path planning to predict:

  1. Coin motions in space + time
  2. Potential collisions
  3. So as to compute
    free paths that place each
    coin inside its prescribed bin


On GitHub!

Presented @ IROS 2014


CHARM was developed as part of METR4202 -- Advanced Controls and Robotics (2013) system project: Change. The Future


The CHARM Team includes:

For more information, please contact us at:

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